How to Pair Wine with Food

How to Pair Wine with Food

Matching wine with food is considered as a talent by many due to the complexities associated with this pairing, even if you have little knowledge about matching wine with the perfect food type, some tips are available that will aid you to pair nearly every food with an excellent glass of wine.

Color and Richness

The simplest ways to master when attempting to pair wine and food is the color richness of both wine and food. Bear in mind that light wines are best suited to light dishes and heavy wines pair well with heavy or rich dishes. Considering this, when ordering dishes from chicken, fish or pasta with white sauce, it is better to order white wine. In the case of meat, smoked and roasted dishes or pasta blended with red sauce, red wine is the best choice.  Here is more on that.

Wine Tasting

A great way to pair wine and food is simply following the tips you’ve just acquired and use them to cook a few dishes. Have a small wine tasting with your friends, where you can prepare a great entrance and have your friends bring a bottle of their favorite red and white wines. While everyone is sitting at the table, try every wine with food. Then try to eat without wine and wine without food and it will prove to be an excellent way to understand which type of wines complement specific foods and suit your particular preferences.

Dining Out

Another excellent method to discover much more about the pairing of wine and food is to visit the restaurant, which offers a menu adapted to the wine. Many eateries offer a menu for a blend of wines, where you can request several dishes that are served with separate wines. The menu is designed so that each dish is combined with wine, which perfectly complements the dish. Usually, a bit of history and stories are told about each wine on the menu, which can also be quite interesting.

Although there is a lot of disagreement in the wine world, one of the best tips for combining wine with food is to just enjoy what you like. If already you are comfortable with a certain variety of wine and food pairing then go ahead. Although there are many different tips on how to properly combine wine and food with wine enthusiasts, there really isn’t a good or bad choice of wine. What is the most noteworthy issue is you like the taste of the wine you drink and you are okay with that.

How to Properly Store Wine

How to Properly Store Wine

Wine is the most lavish drink that has been in existence from the ancient times to the modern days. This drink is enjoyed by many all over the world. As a matter of fact, many homes probably have a bottle or two in their cabinets. Mostly people buy them not willing to drink them immediately. This raises the need of knowing how to store this drink properly. It is very important to ensure you store them in good condition and in the right way.

Ensure the temperature is kept constant

Always make sure you store wine in a cool and stable temperature. Hot temperatures would run your wine stale and tasteless. The perfect temperature to store wine ranges from 45-65 degrees. The temperature should never go beyond 75 degrees. The fridge is never the right place to store your wine unless it’s dinner wine (mostly white wine). The cork dries out as a result of the extreme cold. Look for a good spot in your closet or the basement where the temperature stays cool.

Keep it in the dark

Keep the wine away from the UV rays which make the wine develop an unpleasant smell. Light is not a friend to wine and therefore should never be exposed to direct sunlight. You can wrap the bottle with a cloth if keeping it away from light is impossible. Dark wine bottles are better protected and some bottles have inbuilt UV rays filter.

Store them on their sides

This mostly applies to corked wine. If stored upright for a long time, the cork tends to dry out letting air inside the bottle. Storing them sideways allows the wine to touch the cork keeping it wet. This might not really apply to wines with plastic corks or screw caps but you can still store them sideways if you want.

Do not move the wine

Try as much as possible not to keep moving the wine. If possible vibrations from generators, heavy tracks or vehicles should also be avoided.

Keep the wine isolated

Wine breathes, and for that reason it shouldn’t be kept in the same places with items that have strong smell. It will spoil it. A place with good ventilation would be ideal for wine storage.

Adjust the temperature before you serve

Different wines taste differently at certain temperatures. It is important you know your wine and adjust the temperatures accordingly before serving. Allow the temperature to go up or down according to the type of wine the serve.