About Us


Our Vision

They say that every vision starts with a dream and Casavino truly is the embodiment of making a dream come true. Our vision is to bring the fun and excitement of making hand crafted wines to the general public. Making wine fun and open to everyone is the Casavino mission.

So far we have over 40 artisan wines and are always experimenting to bring our customers the highest quality wines that they can share with friends, family, and coworkers. We cater to a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to absorb as little or as much information about the elusive art of wine making.

Start your wine making adventure with us today. Schedule a wine making party and order wine by the half batch all the way up to a full barrel! Are you a fan of wine blends? Casavino specializes in blending wines to your taste! Simply pick out the varietals you like and our wine maker will help you blend the perfect glass! 


The Casavino Experience

At Casavino we realize that fresh ingredients and amazing food go hand in hand. We aren’t happy unless our customers are raving about their experience and sharing it with their friends and family. From fresh ingredients to locally sourced products Casavino takes great pride in providing our customers the best that Arizona has to offer.

As our business grows we hope that you grow with us and share the Casavino experience with friends and family. We know that word of mouth advertising is the key to small business success so please share your story on the following social media outlets!