Wine Making Experience

Casavino Wine Making Experience

At Casavino, our wine making experience is an all time customer favorite. It includes full customization and personalization of your wine, adding up for one of the most unique wine experiences around! Our wine making experience starts with Casavino’s wine makers tasting, with tastings of up to 10 wines for a group of four.

At Casavino, we carry up to 40 different wines at any given time of the year. But, don’t worry you won’t be tasting all 40 different wines on your first visit! You then decide which wine you enjoyed the best and choose from our Baby, Half, or Full batches. Next comes the messy part, but don’t worry no stomping is necessary! Our expert wine makers will step you through the first process of wine making, the primary fermentation stage. After the primary fermentation is complete, your wine will have to continue fermenting at the winery for up to 90 days.

The second part of the wine making experience includes consulting with our in house graphic artist and designing a personalized label for your wine, all included in your batch price. You and our graphic artist will come up with the perfect style and look for your personalized wine labels. This process is done electronically though our Custom Label Design page. During this time, Casavino’s expert wine makers will be monitoring your wine and completing the secondary fermentation. Your wine will then be stabilized and clarified and sent through our filtering system. After your labels have been completed and your wine has finished fermenting, roughly six weeks later, you visit Casavino again to participate in our bottling process. The bottling process includes bottling, labeling, corking, shrink topping, and even a little sipping of your new wine. We encourage you to bring in your friends and family for the bottling process at no extra charge. Contact us today for pricing on our wine making experience.

Please contact the winery for pricing!