Twisted Cellar Catering Menu

Our singular focus is to listen to what you want and then help you build the perfect event for your private function. Listed below is a representative sampling of the menus that we have used in the past to help make dreams reality. You can let your imagination run wild as our team focus is to take your ideas and blend it to the menu that you desire.


– Strawberry stuffed brie, wrapped in a puff pastry with macerated fruit and a sweet wine sauce

– Crab empanada with a honey balsamic reduction sauce
- Spice Shrimp Catalina, served with or on garlic baguettes

– Stuffed mushrooms with a balsamic sauce
- Southwestern turnovers, served with a zesty ranch guacamole

- Hand carved fruit or vegetable platters

- Bruschetta – choices of toppings, garlic spinach, Mediterranean, caprese, apple and brie.. more

- Lavosh – also choices of toppings – 
- Crab cakes** served with beer aioli or remoulade sauce

- Potato skins stuffed with bacon, chilis and four cheeses 

– Hand packed meat balls with garlic herbs and a little spice

- Chicken kabobs – with pineapple and mushrooms
- Beef kabobs – with pears and peppers slices

- Pork kabobs – with apples and bacon

- Elite beef sliders, trio of toppings, mushroom and swiss, cheddar and bacon, apple and brie

- Stuffed peppers – usually done with crab meat base.. can substitute in sausage or ground turkey or beef even.. your choice


-Fresh romaine lettuce, honey mustard dressing, cranberries, asiago crackers and feta cheese

-Céasar salad with homemade croutons

-Spring mix greens with honey and lime vinaigrette, julienne apples and gorgonzola cheese

-Oriental salad with mixed greens carrots, bean sprouts, jicama, rice noodles and ginger sesame soy dressing

-Mediterranean chopped salad with romaine and iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, salami, cheese and olives in a sun dried tomato vinaigrette 

-Warm bacon vinaigrette with spinach greens and candied nuts
**can combine any fruit, vegetable or herb combination for a variety of vinaigrettes, if there is a particular item you would want incorporated


-Grilled chicken breast served with sundried tomato pesto sauce

-Pineapple glazed pork chops
-Classical chicken picatta served with the buttery wine sauce, mushrooms and capers
-Apple and brie stuffed pork chop with a raspberry chipotle sauce

-Apple glazed pan seared tilapia filets
-Cinnamon poached salmon filet with pineapple fruit salsa

-Garlic and horseradish rubbed top sirloin roast, sliced thin and shingled

-Medley of Italian sausage with julienne peppers and spiced marinara

-Campanella noodles and a seasoned bolognese sauce
-Gemella noodles with a mushroom and pepper medley marinara

-Bow tie pasta with tri color peppers and sautéed pepperon

-Chicken parmesan, seasoned and lightly breaded served over rotini noodles 

-Eggplant parmesan, breaded and baked to perfection with a garlic herb marinara

-Chicken florentine served aside a buttered garlic angel hair pasta
-Seafood mix grille, skewers of assorted seafood and tropical fruit salsa

-Chicken ballontine, with mushroom duxelle and creamy veloute sauce 

-Homemade meatballs with served with angel hair and spiced marina sauce 
-Chicken and penne, onions, peppers with a rich chipotle cream sauce 

-Beef tournedos with sautéed mushrooms in a red wine demi-glace sauce 
-Portioned, New York strip, sirloin or rib eye steaks, rubbed and marinated and grilled, served medium**


-Fresh baked garlic bread or rolls

-Garlic mashed potatoes 
-Herb and garlic roasted red bliss potatoes 

-Loaded Yukon gold mashed potatoes 

-Roasted sweet potatoes tossed in a ranch dressing glaze 

-Wild rice and fruit pilaf 

-Roasted corn risotto 

-Creamy herb risotto

-Baked potatoes 

-Tangy horseradish mashed potatoes 

-Poached fingerling potatoes 

-Fresh cut assortment of vegetables

Together we can plan your event by choosing an assortment of appetizers with fresh salad with homemade dressings and then a variety of main entrees with side dishes that compliment the main entrees. We truly feel there is opportunity in everything we do and stand behind our completely unique menu. We give you the luxury of changing your menu to handle more appetizers and less main entrees, or more mains and no salads, or more fresh salads and no sides…possibilities are endless. Furthermore we never like to limit ourselves to anything, all genres of food are attainable and together anything can be made and presented to accompany your needs. Please contact us at 480-980-9707 to open a dialogue on how we can assist you in making your special event dreams a reality.